Everything is there, we can choose.

After a long run, in the monotony of breathing, in the rushing and evaporating, the essential remains and becomes recognizable. Space and time blur and expose.

Foto: Tom Wagner


My paintings are quiet food for the soul.

They are quiet – and yet they echo. My painting is radically reduced and yet complex. It is gentle and arises from inner strength.

When it is quiet, I feel my strength, I feel my liveliness, my temperament, I hear my inner voice – my passion can spread. This is the moment when I paint. The silence, the calm, energy, lightness and passion, they all flow into my painting and the pictures, formulated with tact, concentrated and in every single moment with full attention and love.

With my paintings I want to bring ease, inner space, acceptance, respect and compassion into the world. It is my concern to give people positive power. I see that images and their deep creation affect the people who live with them. I believe that the energy, the feelings, the soul that go into an image, radiate from it again. Body and soul go into resonance with the images. I understand my work as “Slow Art”, because its effect unfolds slowly.

Keywords: Minimal art; Abstract expressionism