Berlin Art Week Garden

Wo: Uferhallen
Uferstraße 8 – 11
13357 Berlin

Wann: 14 – 18 September 2022

The Berlin Art Week has its base in 2022 on the grounds of the Uferhallen.

The Uferhallen Studios show a group exhibition on the theme On Equal Terms, which deals with the relationship between art and capital.

  Art is just as existential as capital

“With the image “On Equal Terms”, the Berlin artist Steffi Düsterhöft takes up the theme of the relationship of art and culture versus monetary capital and explores the question of whether these social goods (and often opposites) meet at eye level (On Equal Terms).

The image symbolizes on the one hand the cold pursuit of profit maximization and the Golden Calf and on the other hand the artistic passion, which seems lively, airy-light and warm. Both meet in the “golden section”. It becomes clear that the former has the longer lever on the scales of the dispute and weighs heavier. And yet it becomes clear to the viewer that the latter, although lighter, nevertheless possesses a power and can hold the balance. Art is just as existential as capital.

The eye of the beholder unexpectedly becomes the arbiter of this dispute. It is equally drawn to gold and passion, following the instinct of man, who is driven by money in the (over-)struggle for life, but it is culture that makes his life worth living.”

Gauthier Cerf

The Stars series was created in the period before Art Week. The small-format wooden bodies play experimentally in structure and colorfulness and appear like individually distributed stars in space. In the ensemble  they condense into a composition, individually they give lightness and cheerfulness in their uncomplicated appearance.