Cross Border Passion Artedia Concept Art Expo

Wo: Da Wan Store, Via Manzoni 44, Milano

Wann: 10 – 21 April 2024

Cross Border Passion
Press ReleaseFour meditations, different ways to immerse oneself in the labyrinths of form, on the borders of fragmentation, frequenting the regions and reasons of abstraction, between the invocation of purity and impulses of emotion.

At the civic Manzoni 44, present in the Da Wan store, the works of four international artists invited by Artedia Concept Art Expo, an artistic project of research and valorization of works by artists characterized by multiculturalism of formation and origin, are on display. An artistic fusion of horizons that grafts onto the languages of neo-abstraction.

Vitality of color and analytical sensitivity towards form, are grafted onto a new attitude beyond latitude, ready to regenerate the panorama of contemporary art with a new geography of abstraction.

The innovative artistic practice is linguistic, psychological, aesthetic transgression. A permanent exploration of the image, a deconstruction of the practice of representation, a genealogical research on the act of painting not as mimesis but as genesis of space, as auroral event, as potential field and as unexpected epiphany of form.

A snapshot of present/future art, hybrid but cultivated and international, which questions its own status, the current devices of representation, and which comes to touch the most rarefied territories of the conceptual.

The artists of Cross Border Passion have created works modulated on an original mixture of languages ranging from the neo-gestural-semiotic of D. M. Perez, to the minimalist sculptures of P. Alvarez to the research on neo-plastic monochromy of S. Düsterhöft alongside the informal work of R. De Wan.

Last October, the AWAG project was inaugurated in Paris in the artistic district of Belleville with the exhibition curated by Vittorio Raschetti featuring works by Daiichi Mori and Diana Maria Pérez during the period of Art Basel + Paris week and the Modern Art Fair.

The second AWAG project presents in Milan the unpublished sculptures of the Italian-Colombian artist Diana Maria Pérez, the Collages and the chromatic and plastic research of the Swiss artist of Chilean origins Patrik Alvarez together with the rigorous Monochromatic Painting of the Swiss-German artist Steffi Düsterhöft, in order to reveal to the most attentive collectors, the singular works unearthed by the selection team of “Artedia Concept Art Expo” in the international panorama of emerging multicultural art.