Little Treasures 2023

Wo: Galleria de Marchi, Via Porta Nova 1/D, Bologna, Italy

Wann: 25 November - 6 Dezember, 2023

Trevisan International Art presents its unique exhibition Little Treasures
for the 16th time at the exhbition space Galleria de Marchi in the center of Bologna.

Little Treasures is curated by the experienced art expert Paola Trevisan. The exhibition shows exclusively small works of art in 20×20 cm format.

The small format is not new to me: See my small series Stars and Soul Food. I was all the more pleased about the enquiry from Paola . or the exhibition I have developed a new series “Divided Sky”, which shows the turmoil of our time in a new medium rocesses.

“We all live under one sun, even if the sky is divided. Hope always drives us, so that peace is possible at all times.”

16.10.2023 Maren Klages, inspired by my series