On Equal Terms Open Studios

Wo: Uferhallen Uferstraße 8 – 11 13357 Berlin

Wann: 11 – 12 Juni 2022

The theme of the exhibition is On Equal Terms. This work was created for this purpose: A picture “On Equal Terms?”, a picture-sculpture “Unequal Terms” and a text written by Gauthier Cerf for it. The joint work and research on the relationship between art and capital and their mutual condition and independence was the core of a lively exchange.

My invited artist is Gauthier Cerf from Switzerland. His finely crafted and highly pigmented print graphics with their intensity and lightness give the constructive approach of the Fibonacci numbers a sensual level that radiates a positive and clear harmony. The mathematical approach of Gauthier Cerf and the subtle level of my paintings have similar overriding laws that they follow. Thus a connection is found in the togetherness of our works, which give each other space, reinforce each other and resonate with each other.